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                           ... in The virtual ice Skates museum. A museum you can visit at the internet only. But, it is open seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day and you do not need to travel and buy a ticket. Ice skates, making ice skates and ice skating  are the main themes in this website. Skating sport as such, however, is only paid attention to aside.

This digital museum is the result of a search-party that  continues already for over forty years. I strive to show an as complete as possible picture of the cultural and craftsman like background of ice skating. Even after a quick tour you will be impressed by what has been designed to please skaters in the past centuries.

Therefore, if you think you can add information to what you find in these pages, please, do not hesitate and get in contact by clicking the link in the footer.

 foto bert van voorbergen
   Bert van Voorbergen

Note: The print upper left shows a detail from The skate maker, a woodcarving from 1694 by the Dutch artist Jan or Caspar Luyken.

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