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Fig.1: Holland speed skates, around 1900
Within the category 'Holland speed skates' a number of specific models can be distinguished. These models usually are mentioned after the places of residence of blacksmiths with a reputation of making good ice skates. The most common model is the Ouderkerk model. It looks a bit like the Friesland model but the neck is shorter (detail 1a). The skate as a whole looks sturdy and less elegant; they radiate power. The model name arrived from Ouderkerk on IJssel, a little town near Rotterdam where the smithy of several generations Spoormaker stood (see at figure 2). It is doubted whether Spoormaker really was the first to make this model because lots of varieties exist. The ice skates shown in this picture e.g. came from the smithy of Maarten de Rooij who lived at Waddinxveen a village between Rotterdam and Gouda.

Manufacturer: GBr. de Rooij, Waddinxveen; mark: detail 1b
Technical data: total length: 37 cm, height over ice 3.6 cm; platforms: 29 cm long, 5.5 cm wide; runner blades: 17 mm tall, 2.5 cm thick; weight: 225 g

Fig.2: Holland speed skates, around 1900

These skates were made in Ouderkerk on IJssel and therefore should be considered as real Ouderkerk ice skates. Strange enough they look a bit different (detail 2a) than the skates in figure 1 (detail 1a) which model in the eyes of Dutch collectors is the standard for the Ouderkerk model.

Manufacturer: G. Spoormaker, Ouderkerk on IJssel
Mark: detail 2b
Technical data: total length: 36 cm, height over ice 3.6 cm; platforms: 26 cm long, 5 cm wide; runner blades: 16 mm tall, 3 mm thick; weight: 230 g

Fig.3: Holland speed skates, around 1900

When comparing these skates with the ones in figure 1 some details attract attention:
the necks are much the same (detail 3a);
but the fronts of these skates rise slower;
and the blades are short, i.e. do not run until the rear end of the platforms.
These skates clearly may be considered to be a different model. The blacksmith himself advertised them as Stolwijk model after his place of residence.

Manufacturer: J.W. Bezemer, Stolwijk; mark: detail 3b; detail 3c shows the die used by the blacksmith to hammer his mark into the hot blades
Technical data: total length: 36 cm; height over ice: 3.4 cm; platforms: 28 cm long, 5 cm wide; runner blades: 17 mm tall, 3 mm thick; weight: 255 g

Fig.4: Holland speed skates, around 1900

All skates in this page have in common that they come from the same region, viz. the Krimpenerwaard which is a polder southeast of Rotterdam. Though they all have something different it is clear that they belong to same 'family'.

Manufacturer: unknown; mark: detail 4b
Technical data: total length: 38 cm; height over ice: 3.1 cm; platforms: 31 cm long, 5.5 cm wide; runner blades: 12 mm tall, 2 mm thick; weight: 235 g



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