Ice skates for the Dutch Roll (3)

Fig.1: Ice skates for the Dutch Roll, c.1950
On top of the runner blades for traditional wooden skates a heel and a toe platform were attached to which boots could be screwed. This model is still sought by serious practitioners of the Dutch Roll.

Manufacturer: A.K Hoekstra & Co., Warga

Technical data: total length: 33 cm; height over ice: 4 cm; platforms: 26 cm long, 6.3 cm wide; runner blades 30 mm tall, 3 mm thick; weight: 330 g

Fig.2: Ice skates for the Dutch Roll, c.1950

These runner blades too were developed by adding stanchions and foot plates (details 2a and 2b) to blades until then used for wooden skates only. The teeth in the front are not original but show a modification made by the rider.

Manufacturer: N.V. Fa. G.S. Ruiter, Akkrum

Technical data: total length: 30 cm; height over ice: 3.5 cm; platforms: 26 cm long, 6 cm wide; runner blades 19 mm tall, 4 mm thick; weight: 750 g including boot




detail 2a

detail 2b


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